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Stackers by LC Designs - stacking jewellery boxes
Beautiful jewellery deserves a beautiful home and we have a gorgeous range of jewellery storage solutions to suit every type of jewellery.

Our jewellery boxes by LC Designs are beautifully made and look lovely on your dressing table or bedroom chest.

Stackers offer a fabulous way of creating your own unique jewellery box perfectly suited to your requirements.  Start off with a couple of layers in your favourite design add new layers as your requirements grow.

For travel a jewellery roll, or soft jewellery wrap is ideal for keeping your jewellery safe while on the move.
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women's bracelets
women's earrings
Charm Stackers and stackers jewellery boxes
Keep your jewellery safe and secure while travelling with a pretty jewellery roll.
Beautiful jewellery boxes and earring boxes for safe storage with style!
The original Stackers by LC Designs - create a jewellery box unique to you.
Beautiful Stackers jewellery boxes - individual layers stacked to create your own unique jewellery box.
jewellery for men, women and children
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