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Wine so is it good or bad?

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NOUN alcoholic drink made from fermented grape juice:

Let’s be honest for vast numbers of us sitting down in the evening putting your feet up and sipping on a nice refreshing glass of wine is one of life’s little pleasures and why shouldn’t it be? After all we’re not talking about drinking gallons of it just a glass or 2 to take the edge off the day.

Whether you’re a red or white drinker for those that enjoy a glass there is little doubt that a little wine goes a long way to calming the nerves and helping you to relax after a hard day. The big question is how good or bad for you is a glass of wine?

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There are 2 things we can be sure of:

1. Moderate consumption is the way forward and a couple of days off now and then are beneficial in reducing risks.

2. Every study carried out into drinking is based on moderation of course has shown that statistically teetotallers die younger than drinkers.

How does that work? We are told all drinking is bad for us yet the evidence points in a different direction completely, once again we must stress the importance or moderate drinking and everything henceforth assumes the same.

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So what are the benefits?

1.Reduced risk of heart attack, in fact a 30% less likelihood of suffering one.

2.Lower risk of heart disease, more so from red wine which contains procyanidins which protect the heart from disease.

3.Lower risk of suffering from type 2 Diabetes, again there is a 30% lower risk of being struck down with type 2.

4.Reduced risk of stroke, the risk of suffering a blood clot related one reduces by approx 50%.

5.Reduced risk of suffering from cataracts, overall 32% of alcohol drinkers have a lowered risk but this rises to 43% for wine drinkers.

6.Reduced risk of developing colon cancer, Wine and particularly red can cut the risk by 45 percent.

7.Slows brain decline, those that don’t drink show a much faster rate of decline in brain function in comparison to moderate drinkers.

8.Reduced mortality rate, Whilst drinkers as a group show increased mortality wine drinkers in particular show a 34% increased rate over other types of alcohol drinkers.

There we have it there are definitely health benefits with moderate
alcohol intake and in particular wine consumption over no consumption,
that’s not to say it’s all roses in the wine bottle there are
obviously negative effects and as such you should always be careful
when having a drink not to over do it and to watch for health changes.

After all we all have slightly different ideas of moderate and a
different genetic make up with it’s various pre-dispositions to
develop diseases and illness’s and as such you should monitor
your health and well being regularly to ensure your decisions
are the best for you.

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